These conditions are the exclusive conditions that Merch Asylum contracts with the customer. The placing of an order by the customer shall be considered as an acceptance of all terms and conditions hereinafter. These conditions can only be varied by written agreement between Merch Asylum and the customer. The law of England shall apply.


1.1 The order form needs to be completed as accurate as possible. The order form is used throughout Merch Asylum as a reference for each stage of work, it is crucial that this document is filled in correctly.

1.2 Attached to your order form needs to be the final artwork supplied in the following formats; Vector, layered PSD or high resolution Jpeg. All fonts must be flattened.

1.3 If a variation to the submitted order form is required this must be requested immediately via phone with authorised representatives of the customer and Merch Asylum. This must be followed up in writing with an amended order form by e-mail.

1.4 If the order form is completed incorrectly Merch Asylum cannot be held responsible for any errors.


2.1 The final artwork you send is what is used for printing. It is crucial for your satisfaction that the correct file is attached alongside the order form. Merch Asylum is indemnified by any errors in the finished work caused by customer supplied artwork.

2.2 All artwork must be supplied as either vector files or high resolution .jpeg/.psd (300dpi+) at actual size.

2.3 If no pantone references are given, the closest on screen matches will be made to print, all our monitors are calibrated regularly.

2.4 Please note if artwork is supplied in RGB format it will get converted to CMYK for print.

2.5 Artwork sent to us from yourselves or third parties for production purposes must be owned by you, or you must have permission to use them. Merch Asylum accepts no responsibility for infringing any copyright material that is supplied.  It is the customers responsibility to obtain all necessary licences required to respect intellectual property rights.


3.1 The final artwork you send is what is used for printing. It is crucial for your satisfaction that the correct file is attached alongside the order form. Merch Asylum is indemnified by any errors in the finished work caused by customer supplied artwork.

3.2 All goods are subject to availability. Merch Asylum do not stock all blank garments available in our catalogues; if a manufacturer is out of stock of your ordered garment Merch Asylum will substitute for a similar garment of equal or better quality.

3.3 Merch Asylum are not liable for any delays that might occur if the manufacturer of your chosen garment can't deliver within our generated lead time.

3.4 Merch Asylum do not keep screens past the contracted production order, once an order is complete and ownership is transferred to the customer screens are recycled.

3.5 Merch Asylum retains the right to subcontract all, or part of the customer's order.

3.6 When supplying garments we ask that you send an overage of 2%. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that no garments are misprinted or damaged, Merch Asylum can take no responsibility for any damages to supplied garments.

3.7 Whilst every effort is made to ensure reprints and reruns are produced identically there may be a variance in size and colour.


4.1 Items shall be delivered typically 10-15 working days plus shipping from receipt of order form, delivered to the address stated on the order form. If your job has a deadline this must be stated clearly on the order form. A fee may apply if there is not enough time to complete your order under normal circumstances. 

4.2 If you do not advise Merch Asylum of a due date then we may not be able to accommodate your request, which will be looked at on a case by case basis. Merch Asylum takes no responsibility for costs incurred or loss of sales for not meeting the requested delivery date.

4.3 Certain types of prints may take longer, this mainly applies to specialist inks. Jobs as sucj may fall outside of the 10-15 work day window.

4.4 Any circumstances outside of Merch Aslyum's control may also require an increase in turnaround time not factored into your original estimate (i.e. weather delays, force majeure, shipping error from supplier, etc.)

4.5 Customers may be responsible for any expedited shipping charges associated with the order.

4.6 All lead times are subject to change, as per para 4.1 – 4.5 of these terms.

5.0 COST

5.1 Quotations are valid for a period of 30 days. Prices quoted are based on the current rates and expenses at the time of the estimate; Merch Asylum reserves the right to increase prices to the customer.  

5.2 Additional costs incurred to Merch Asylum through alterations made at the customer's request shall be borne by the customer. This may include but is not limited too; garment changes, request to change delivery dates, or changes in the design.

5.3 The customer understands that all pricing quoted is excluding VAT.

5.4 Payment shall be made prior to manufacture of goods, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

5.5 Repeat customers may have an account with Merch Asylum. Payment must be received in 30 days following date of invoice. No deductions will be granted.

5.6 Credit facilities may be redacted if payments aren't made within the 30 day agreement.

5.7 A handling fee may be applied to any supplied garments, this is treated on a job by job basis.


6.1 Delivery charges are made by volumetric weight plus packaging costs and handling charges.

6.2 The majority of orders will be despatched using Interlink Express 24hr service. Smaller goods may be sent with royal mail. 

6.3 Merch Asylum is not responsible for any damages or losses that you may incur through any of the delivery companies we use. If your goods are lost or damaged we will attempt an insurance claim through our providers. Claims may take up to 45 days.


7.1 The customer must notify Merch Asylum in writing within 5 working days of receipt of order, any shortages, faults, omissions or failures or any other matter in which the customer is not satisfied. Failure to do so within 5 working days Merch Asylum deem the goods provided to be satisfactory, and thus the goods are accepted.

7.2 You are permitted to cancel your order anytime within 48hrs after sending your order form and receive a full refund; this MUST be done via phone.

7.3 Anytime thereafter the 48hr cancelation period a cancellation fee is charged.

7.4 If any prep work has begun on the job IE screens/garments/pantone matches etc. are made these are not refundable and may also be incur a restock fee where applicable.

7.5 If production has begun on your job, you are not entitled to a refund.

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