If you're looking to add extra touches to your job there are many options available to you at Merch Asylum. Be sure to enquire about these when building your personal quote with us.


We can de-tag stock garments and print your brands logo along with the required care instructions for that particular garment along with it's individual size in the back of the neck.

This adds more of an identity to your brand rather than leaving the existing t-shirt manufacturers label inside. This is an ideal service for indie clothing brands, especially if you're selling in a retail store.


With our experienced relabelling team we are able to attach custom woven labels to your garments for that professional finish you see on the high street.

We can manufacture your labels for you and attach them all in house, doing everything this way we are able to keep a close eye on your job at every stage.


Most garments sold in retail outlets require swing tags for attaching price stickers to etc. We can manufacture swing tags for you and kimble attach them to your garments.

You can design your swing tags without any restriction or we can send a template as a guide for you, adding swing tags really gives them that extra finishing touch.


If you're selling items online direct to your customers and require them folded and individually bagged let us know and we can do this for you.

All folded and bagged items are then stickered with the appropriate size sticker, which makes it easy for you to dispatch.